Call the Midwife Christmas special – first look preview

There will be wedding dresses, giant snowmen, a bomb disposal team and babies (obviously) as the residents of Nonnatus House celebrate Christmas


Call the Midwife is bursting back onto our TV screens this Christmas with a bang. Literally. 


The East End midwives are set to come face-to-face with an unexploded WW2 bomb, which has the potential to rip Christmas, as well as the Poplar community, apart. 

Sounds exciting right? Well, with that in mind, here’s a bit more of a sneak peek at the festive episode. Don’t say we don’t treat you… 

You can always rely on there being babies in Call the Midwife. Though they aren’t always as COMPLETELY adorable as this one. If it wasn’t so unethical, we’d be popping this little one on our Christmas lists right now. 

Christmas might not mean a let up from midnight wake up calls and umbilical cords for Jenny and co. But things have changed for new mum Chummy and one half of Poplar’s cutest nearly-weds Shelagh (formerly Sister Bernadette). Looks as though they are enjoying a little down time this festive period. If you count looking after a host of rowdy cubs as downtime… 

Peace on earth doesn’t last long though. Soon enough, disaster strikes when an unexploded WW2 bomb is found in Poplar.

While everyone else carries blankets and pillows, or their worldly possessions in boring brown suitcases, Shelagh is pushing to the front of the crowd with her bright pink bridal bag – rushing to make sure her wedding dress is safe and sound in the evacuation centre, no doubt.

She’s given up God to have this wedding, okay? Nothing. Not even a bomb is going to stand in the way of her saying “I do”. 

An unexploded bomb isn’t a laughing matter. And it’s not a matter for bumbling PC Noakes and his silly sidekick Fred either.

This kind of discovery calls for serious intervention from the military and their important bomb-sorting-out equipment. That’s not going to put Fred off though. Always happy to lend a helping hand, whether it’s needed or not. He’s even whipped out a suitably stylish outfit for the occasion. 

Well, that man in striped pyjamas is making himself right at home isn’t he? Why not kick back and let it all hang out… A bed’s a bed, right? 

The rest of the residents of Poplar look a little more on edge in this makeshift camp. Though at least they’ve got some reading material to pass the time. Is that a copy of the Radio Times Christmas issue we spy?

He might think of himself as a very serious policeman. But PC Noakes does sometimes struggle to get taken seriously at the best of times.

With this in mind, trying to get on with his police-business and deliver some incredibly important news whilst stood next to a giant fluffy snowman isn’t the best of plans. Is it a surprise that everyone’s sniggering, Noakesy? 

Don’t they know there’s a potentially explosive situation under their sensibly-shoed soles? Just because they’ve got a direct line to the guy upstairs, doesn’t mean they’re immune from a blast. 

Quick, to the evacuation centre, ladies! No shilly-shallying. 

Ah. Panic over? It looks as though things are getting back to normal in Poplar. Noakes has got his mufti back on and it’s smiles all round… because Sister Bernadette is finally going to become Mrs Shelagh Turner?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed the dress made it out of the danger zone…

On a side note, looks as though the festive instalment will be introducing a new character – maybe Shelagh’s replacement? Meet Sister Gibbs (played by Sandi Toksvig). She looks a little stern if you ask us. Though she does seem to have inherited the same glasses as Sister Bernadette…

Call the Midwife’s Christmas special is on Christmas Day at 6:15pm on BBC1.