Brad Pitt film Fury makes an Oxfordshire village £1 million

To the dismay of locals, World War II tanks and filming crews took over Shirburn for weeks. But it turns out the disruptions have been rather lucrative for the local community

Brad Pitt’s new movie Fury turned Shirburn into a war zone this season with tanks, actors in military gear and hundreds of crew invading the sleepy Oxfordshire village. But despite the disruption, locals appear to have profited from proceedings.


Villagers had to deal with the challenges of a big budget production taking over for around two months. The noisy crew even filmed Nazi war scenes on Remembrance Sunday, prompting The Mirror to run the front page headline “NO RESPECT”.

However, local paper Henley Standard recently reported that the production estimates the investment in the local economy to be over £1 million. 

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“We know that filming in a close-knit community over seven weeks can at times present some challenges for the residents,” said producer Ethan Smith in a letter to the Standard, “but we appreciate our mutual business relationship.”

Producer John Lesher added: “We’ve experienced incredible hospitality and appreciate the warm welcome we’ve received from the local community.”

Filming for Fury began in September but it wasn’t a smooth process. As well as the negative press, a stuntman was injured during a scene with a bayonet in October and was airlifted to the local hospital.

Fury is a David Ayer (Trading Day, Fast and the Furious) movie also starring Shia LaBeouf (Transformers), Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead), Scott Eastwood (Gran Torino) and Jason Isaacs (The Patriot). Set in 1945, it follows a hardened American Army commander who leads his troops into Nazi Germany.

Fury is due for release in 2014

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