Phoebe-Lettice Thompson is an unwelcome addition to Made in Chelsea’s South Africa trip

Spencer Matthews' idea to surprise Jamie Laing, Lucy Watson, Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton at the airport goes down like a lead balloon

We can think of one or two Chelsea-ites who won’t be too happy to see Phoebe-Lettice Thompson when she turns up unannounced at the airport during next week’s episode of Made in Chelsea. 


The fashionista – who has ruffled feathers ever since she joined the E4 reality series last year – invited herself along on the trip in a plan cooked up with Spencer Matthews during tonight’s episode. Vowing to keep her inclusion a secret, Phoebe-Lettice cackled at the prospect of surprising arch-enemy Lucy Watson – the current object of her former beau Jamie Laing’s affections. 

Lucy is unlikely to be happy at Phoebe’s inclusion in the trip based on the pair’s very public spats and especially after she made Jamie promise she wouldn’t be invited.

Meanwhile, Binky was none too pleased about this week’s revelations that her boyfriend Alex was still texting Phoebe – his first girlfriend – following the pair’s alleged hook-up last summer, years after they officially split. With Phoebe continuing to claim that Alex is heartbroken over her, we wouldn’t want her anywhere near Alex if we were Binks. Look at that face…

Judging by the above, you can rest assured the brief glimpse of Phoebe and Spencer arriving to surprise Jamie, Lucy, Binky and Alex looks every bit as good as it promises to be. Stay tuned next week (10pm, E4) to find out exactly what happens…