Emmerdale spoilers: Rachel and Archie to be mown down by Charity? Gemma Oaten interview

Has Charity really lost her mind enough to wipe out the pair in one hit?


A wild-eyed Charity Sharma (Emma Atkins) appears ready to wreak her revenge in an upcoming episode when she revs the engine of her car and prepares to mow down Rachel Breckle and baby Archie.


“Rachel is completely oblivious to what’s happening,” says actress Gemma Oaten. “I reckon that if she had been aware, she’d have run towards that car and got Charity out of the seat. It’s actually Lisa who witnesses what’s going on and when she realises what Charity is even contemplating, everyone realises that things are a lot more serious than they could ever have anticipated.”

So does Oaten think that Charity is capable of killing? “In a way, it would be too easy for her to cause physical damage to another person. Charity is too clever and cunning for that.”

Whatever happens, next week’s episodes promise to be a turning point in the affairs of Rachel and the Sharmas, whose lives have become more fraught since the secret concerning Jai (Chris Bisson) being Archie’s dad was exposed.

“There’s a big ultimatum on the horizon that’s directed at Jai and it’s very interesting to see which way he sways,” teases Oaten, who is set to leave the ITV soap in early 2014.


On the topic of her exit, the actress adds: “There’s so much to come. I can’t even contemplate next year. I’ve got to give my heart and soul to Emmerdale, as I always have, and do everyone proud. And yes, I do know my exit storyline and I’m so excited. I can’t even begin to tell you!”