Steven Moffat: Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith have the quality of Ian McKellen

The showrunner of two of Britain’s biggest TV shows gives his verdict on two of the hottest British actors exclusively in Radio Times magazine (out Saturday 30 November)


Prepare to be disappointed Cumberpeople and Whovians – we have some bad news.  Neither Benedict Cumberbatch or Matt Smith will ever be James Bond…


Not our words, the words of Steven Moffat, the man behind both BBC mega-hits. 

“Benedict and Matt are both fascinating actors – they’re never going to play James Bond, they’re not leading men, they’re not Brad Pitt” the Doctor Who showrunner and Sherlock co-creator exclusively tells Radio Times magazine (out tomorrow). 

“They’ll always chose the interesting script over the glamorous part. But that’s good. Stars tend to have very short careers, while Ian McKellen will be working until he’s 80, and they have that quality.”

Moffat praises the two actors as part of an exclusive Radio Times Doctor Who feature that also contains Matt Smith’s final interview whilst playing the time lord – and some top secret DW interactive features… 

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