Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

2-6 December: Josie collapses after the fun run, while Rhiannon gets into serious trouble after pushing her luck at work


Monday 2 December


Kate takes Chris to see Hudson in prison. At last he understands why Hudson pushed him away, but is unable to persuade him to change his mind. Terese is surprised when Paul tells her that she is now in charge at Lassiters, but later realises that he has also handed her the blame for the new car park charges. A commitment-shy Kyle panics when Sheila hands him her old engagement ring to give to Georgia. Susan and Sheila compete to transform Rhiannon. 

Tuesday 3 December

After a day spent politicking at the Erinsborough Hospital Fun Run, Paul makes an important announcement. Lauren’s sketch of Brad still rankles with Matt, but when he overdoes it trying to outrun his ‘rival’ he learns how much he means to his wife. Trying to impress Callum, Josie pushes herself too hard in the race and collapses from dehydration. Meanwhile, Chris abandons the run to make another appeal to Hudson. 

Wednesday 4 December

Matt tries to persuade Karl and Toadie to run for mayor against Paul. Callum blames himself for Josie’s collapse, but gets a surprise when she reacts coolly to his friendly overtures and turns down his invitation to accompany him to the school dance. Worried that her bulimia will be exposed, Imogen turns down a suggestion by Sonya to give Josie a pep talk. Lauren has a romantic dream about Brad. 

Thursday 5 December

Rhiannon agrees to a last-minute request to work an extra shift at Lassiters, but takes Jackson along when she can find no one to look after him. Little does she know that her supervisor is watching her like a hawk. Karl is disappointed when Susan refuses to support his decision to stand for mayor. Imogen also declines Callum’s invitation to be his date for the school dance, but he is more interested in what Josie is doing than the blow to his ego. 

Friday 6 December


Upset at being questioned about Jackson by the Department of Human Services, Rhiannon accuses Matt of reporting her. She apologises when the real culprit is revealed and they reach a better understanding. Mason realises that he is out of his depth with Jackson and unsure of what he really wants. Kyle is convinced that his dog Bossy has swallowed Sheila’s ring, unaware that it is stuck tight on Kate’s finger. Sonya makes a new online friend, but who is Sleepless-in-erin?