Doctor Who… is cooler – Matt Smith or the Doctor?

Steven Moffat says that Matt Smith would never invite the Doctor on a night out with him, but who is the coolest... the character, or the actor? You decide...


Who’s the coolest, Matt Smith or his Doctor? It’s the question on all of our lips (well, maybe some of our lips).


DW showrunner Steven Moffat tells Radio Times that the Doctor would not be cool enough to go on a night out with Matt Smith. 

In a piece marking Smith’s farewell interview before handing the keys of the TARDIS over to Peter Capaldi next year, Moffat says of the actor:  “Matt is a youthful envelope but he has an old soul. In real life Matt is very cool. The Doctor would like to think he’s cool, but he isn’t. The Doctor probably thinks he can hang out with Matt and go to the same clubs, but I don’t think Matt would have him along on a night out.”


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