Peter Capaldi appears in new Doctor Who Christmas special pictures

The face of Matt Smith's successor is hidden deep within two promotional images from seasonal episode In the Day of the Doctor

Fancy a game of Where’s Peter (aka #CapaldifaceTM)? Then you’re in luck…


Following the surprise glimpse of Peter Capaldi’s eyes in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, Matt Smith’s successor has turned up unexpectedly again – this time hidden deep within two new promotional images for Christmas episode In the Time of the Doctor.

An extreme close-up of sections of the two slightly differing images reveals Capaldi’s visage lurking spookily in the flames of a brazier on the snowy winter’s night – and after a little tweak of the contrast and brightness settings, it’s brought even more clearly into focus…

Image 1

Tear your gaze away from Clara’s trendy bracelet (available for a tenner in branches of Urban Outfitters) and you can make out the unmistakable features of your new Doctor

Image 2

Spotted between the battered head of a Cyberman and Matt Smith’s winter coat is another ghostly Capaldi. Boo! Who!

Of course, this begs the question, what else is hidden in the images?

That’s your evening sorted then…