I’m A Celebrity day 9: Was last night’s Roach Trip the hardest task yet?

Kian Egan, Laila Morse and Steve Davis enjoyed a glamorous night away with a surprise appearance by their loved ones while the rest of the camp endured 90 minutes of horror

Last night’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! saw nine of the campmates put through a 90-minute task that would test even the bravest of souls.


Not content with shipping the campers off in the dark to a waiting Halloween-esque coach, producers gave Amy Willerton, David Emanuel, Annabel Giles, Vincent Simone, Joey Essex, Matthew Wright, Lucy Pargeter, Alfonso Ribeiro and Rebecca Adlington three different chilling compartments to endure.

Granted, one man’s hell is another’s heaven, but the show bosses were sure to cover pretty much all phobia bases with the three different thirty-minute tasks taking place at night, in a claustrophobic coach trip (we’ve all been there), and featuring bugs, rats and a giant snake. To cap it off, anyone who left the task before the end lost food for the following evening (although, they had Kian’s nine stars worth of food to tide them over – the biggest haul yet – so perhaps getting eaten was more of a threat than going hungry). 

The first part of the task saw the campers sporadically showered with bugs – an experience which saw Matthew go all ‘leader of the pack’, yelling at Annabel to stay calm and look into his eyes. “Matthew was looking at me like a nutter,” Annabel later revealed. Not that comforting then.  

After thirty minutes in there – with a rousing round of ‘Oom-pah Oom-pah Oom-pah pah’, the only thing keeping them sane (or perhaps indicating that they were going slowly mad) – they moved into a room with a snake big enough to wrap itself around them all, an ability it merrily started to demonstrate.

Once unravelled it was into a now pitch-black back of the bus, in which the celebs were joined by a group of rats, which apparently all tried to get a nibble of Vincent’s Rear of the Year. He didn’t seem surprised. Why wouldn’t they, after all?

Joey summed the whole experience up with a tiny wail: “Are we there yet?”

Meanwhile, Kian Egan, Laila Morse and Steve Davis were enjoying the fruits of their labours, having won a trip to the Halfway Holiday house. Here the trio were shocked with a surprise visit from their loved ones, who also had messages for the rest of the campmates.

Kian worried about how the campmates would take the heart-felt words, but they were too busy laughing at Vincent who’d just spun himself out of his hammock, to be wondering what the other three were up to.

See I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! tonight at 9:00pm on ITV in which Emmerdale star Lucy will complete her first Bushtucker Trial tonight in The Limo Scream.