Hunger Games hero Josh Hutcherson on Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lawrence

From *NSYNC to Mentos and everything embarrassing in between

Josh Hutcherson stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon on his talk show set, but the conversation quickly turned from Hunger Games promos to everybody’s favorite *NSYNC member.


“I wanted to be Justin Timberlake,” Hutcherson admitted with a laugh. “I even frosted my tips as a kid. I did my best. He even started me getting into beat boxing and rapping.”

The Hunger Games star revealed that, as a child, he was once invited to join the boy band onstage for an impromptu rap session. A prize to whoever can find the footage first.

But as if childhood photos weren’t enough to embarrass Hutcherson, the conversation turned to his quirky co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

“People think that she’s cool and she’s humble, but she actually has mental problems,” he joked. “You never know what she’s going to do next.

“One time I was in an interview on the red carpet, and she just walks by and goes, ‘Hey Josh, how’s that rash doing?’ I said, ‘It’s clearing up nicely, thank you.’”

Ever the spontaneous red carpet interviewee, Hutcherson recalled an instance when Lawrence began to throw Mentos at him while speaking with a reporter. Not to be outdone, Hutcherson fired back with his own set of ammo.

Check out the video below to see the work of Peeta’s throwing arm when he goes head to head with Jimmy Fallon for a Thanksgiving-themed random object shootout complete with pumpkin pie and a baked turkey.