Christmas 2013: gift ideas for Sherlock fans

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman fans will adore these Sherlock-themed stocking fillers - just in time for Sherlock series three

Sherlock fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of series 3, but Santa can add to the festive fun with this batch of Holmes and Watson-inspired gifts. 


From stocking fillers to Sherlock-themed decorations for the home, there’s sure to be something that’ll keep even the most discerning of amateur detectives happy…

Make a date with Sherlock

You may buy this 2014 calendar for a friend or loved one in the hope that they’ll fill it with fun things to do with you. They won’t. It’ll be marked up with days to watch Sherlock.

Price: £7.49 Buy here

Case closed

No consulting detective is complete without his mobile phone. Just be warned, the true Sherlock fan may talk you into doing their texting for them. This themed phone case is pricier than others on the market, but the now iconic wallpaper print adds that something extra. 

Price: £25.75 Buy here

London calling

Sherlock Holmes knows a thing or two about getting around London in a hurry. The detective may rely a lot on taxis, but the first episode of the new series is expected to feature a chase through the London Underground and this tube map ticket holder will give any user a head start. 

Price: £5.99 Buy Here

Time for tea

But only if your housekeeper, sorry, landlady makes it for you, eh? 

Price: £15.95 Buy here

Detect the scent

Why just watch the show when you can, er, smell the show too? “Very appealing scent, masculine and cozy at the same time” said one satisfied customer – just like Sherlock (we imagine)…

Price: Approx £14 including shipping Buy here

Sharp tongue

Put-downs are part of Sherlock’s charm (some may say). So give the fan in your life a head start with this insult a day memo pad. Then maybe make plans to see someone else for the rest of the year… 

Price: £9.99 Buy here

Tackle the mystery

Live the show with this Sherlock-inspired game of Cluedo. Or, make like Sherlock and pin the board up on the wall. The choice is yours. 

Price: From £19.99 Buy here

Milk matters

If like Dr John Watson and Sherlock Holmes there’s a battle to buy milk in your house, this helpful gift will give a gentle reminder here and there…

Price: £12.50 Buy here

Did someone say Cumberbatch?

In need of a gift for a member of the Cumbercollective? Look no further. The bag says it all.

Price: £13 Buy here

Cap it off

Give a Sherlock edge to your woolly hat this year with this deerstalker-inspired knit. You can even button the flaps up for a more standard beanie shape for another look.

Price: £29.50 Buy here

Decorating detective

Steal 221B Baker Street’s style with a Union Jack print cushion. 

Price £12.99 Buy here

Write what you know

The budding writer in your life can make like Dr John Watson and keep track of their days with this pocket notepad.

Price: £7.50 Buy here

Sherlock: The Casebook

“Don’t buy this book… only an idiot would be impressed.” So says Sherlock Holmes of his friend Dr John Watson’s “humble attempt to shine a light on the work of the best and wisest I have ever known.” But then you wouldn’t expect gratitude from Sherlock, would you?

Price £9 Buy here