Strictly: Slick waltzes, Dalek dancing and Mary Berry – the best of week nine

The judges were getting picky in week nine of the competition, as the Strictly glitter ball came within reach...


The judges got picky


The judges were feeling harsh this week, weren’t they? All the sparkle and glitz from last week’s Blackpool extravaganza had clearly rubbed off. And those sticks of rock certainly hadn’t stuck their teeth together or sweetened their words… 

Len, Bruno, Craig and Darcey weren’t going to let anything go. So Susanna Reid plummeted from the dizzying heights of 39 right back down to 31, Natalie dropped a few points from last week and Patrick and Abbey found themselves down in the low thirties, too. It seems no one is going to get full marks unless they pull their sequinned socks up. 

Bruce wished Vincent luck in the jungle 

Strictly might seem like a tough reality show. The celebs are always getting teary about how hard it is. They must get awful blisters. But this week Brucie gleefully reminded the contestants that it’s nothing like what ex-professional dancer Vincent Simone is going through in ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 

While Vincent is being forced to put spiders and other unmentionable things in his mouth, the Strictly contestants are basically just prancing around in glittery costumes and getting standing ovations from their adoring audience. 

Mark danced like a Dalek

“You’ve been trained but never tamed. There’s always little cheeky moments that I like,” said Len. And it seemed this week Mark’s cheeky moment might have been a reference to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. Maybe. We’re not sure he did it on purpose actually. 

“You were like a Dalek really,” Len declared, of Mark’s foxtrot. “You moved smoothly… But there was no sway.” 

We are assuming he managed to get up the stairs to greet Tess Daly without any help…

Mary Berry got inside a cake

Mary Berry meets Strictly. It’s a match made in heaven, really.

We’d like to see Strictly invite more well-loved BBC faces to make cameo appearances in the group dance. Maybe Miranda Hart could ride across the dance floor on her Call the Midwife bicycle ringing her bell in time to the music. Or Benedict Cumberbatch could don his Sherlock Holmes persona to come and investigate the case of the missing dance steps… 

Ashley was a smooth mover 

Now the judges weren’t being forgiving this week. Well, that is, with everyone apart from Ashley Taylor Dawson. As Susanna Reid, Abbey Clancy and Patrick Robinson fell to the low thirties, the Hollyoaks actor saw his chance and leapt into second place behind Natalie Gumede. 

“Beautifully handled,” said Bruno. “I am so impressed… a wonderful, wonderful waltz.” 

“It was so slick,” added Darcey. “You glided effortlessly across that dance floor, well done.”

Before Len stepped in to say: “You are like your initials, A T D. Attention to detail.”

He’s a real one-to-watch… 

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 7:00pm on BBC1