Kim Kardashian tells Seth Rogen and James Franco “you nailed it” after spoof of Kanye West’s Bound 2

The actors took time out from filming The Interview to create a shot for shot remake of the Gold Digger rapper's new music video starring his naked fiancé


It turns out Kim Kardashian can take a joke. Responding earlier today on Twitter to actors Seth Rogen and James Franco’s spoof of Kanye West’s video for Bound 2 – in which she sheds her clothes to play a starring role – the reality show queen told the duo they had “nailed it”. 


Rogen and Franco had a moment or two to spare during the filming of their new comedy The Interview and created a shot-for-shot remake of West’s video, titled Bound 3. The spoof sees Franco rapping as Kanye while Rogen gets naked to play Kim before climbing aboard a motorbike and dry-humping his co-star. 

Kardashian retweeted Rogen’s original tweet to her 18 million followers, as well as responding to tell him her rapper fianceé “loves you guys” – a rather surprising admission given West’s history of reacting badly to jokes at his expense. 

Back in September, the Gold Digger star launched an epic Twitter rant against Jimmy Kimmel after his Radio 1 interview was parodied on the American chat show. But Rogen and Franco’s remake appears to have got the seal of approval from the original stars after launching their spoof on Facebook yesterday evening.  

And while Franco does a good job at mimicking West’s rapping, it’s Rogen who is the real star with his hairy back and sexy smoulder stealing the show. 

If you haven’t seen the original, this article probably doesn’t make much sense. And you’re probably going to need to watch this: