I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2013: Joey Essex glossary

TOWIE star does more than keep his fellow campers fed with his trial triumphs - he’s introduced us all to a host of new words and sayings


Forget Word of the Day toilet paper – a quick trip to Planet Joey is all you need to give your vocabulary a boost.


If you’re looking for a bunch of random words that kind of, sort of, don’t really make that much sense that is.

Although say “confrontate” a few times and you’ll be surprised how much it starts to sound feasible. Or is that just me?

But until Joey releases his book of Joey-isms (that’s got to happen, surely?), here’s a taste of the language of Joey and what it (probably) all means…

Confrontate: meaning to confront someone. Most likely in an aggressive manner. Perhaps because someone hasn’t pulled their weight around the camp, or you’re getting mad at the hosts of the show after you’re picked for yet another Bushtucker Trial. 

Glumptious: a pleasant word meaning something is nice. For example, one may use glumptious in a sentence such as: “Yes, the possum you served for dinner was glumptious.”

Thinkable: to be intelligent/ to have intelligence. One may appear thinkable and therefore be a useful ally in a team trial.

What you sayin’?: a phrase that doesn’t require you to actually repeat what you just said, or indeed speak at all. More a statement of a fact. For example: “I got eight stars, what you sayin’?”

Sick: not to be confused with the act of vomiting, sick here is used to confirm that something is well liked. For example, if you’ve been having a sick day, you’ve had a good time, rather than having spent the day holed up in bed taking out shares in Lemsip.

Essex: is a language. And is easy to understand. Apparently.

Cabbage: is the same as lettuce and Joey would like to eat it raw thank you very much.

Watch this space for more Joey-isms from the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2013 jungle