I’m A Celebrity day 8: David Emanuel shines as tension in camp rises

The fashion designer is proving to be an emotional rock in the jungle… even if his hair is full of raw meat

Ant and Dec are hoping for it, Matthew Wright certainly seems to be up for it and Rebecca Adlington has been crying again, so yes, it looks like one heck of a jungle bust-up is brewing.


As long as any arguments aren’t passive aggressive. That annoys Alfonso Ribeiro. He just can’t stand it when people won’t say what they really mean. The US star would rather have a bitch about those being passive aggressive behind a tree…

TV presenter Matthew certainly looks to be the camper willing to light the fire. “Don’t tell me what to do,” he barked at Rebecca (she cried, obviously). “Get up off your backside and help,” he whined at Amy Willerton (she swatted his frustration away with a casual sweep of her hair).

Although keen as some may be for a bit of a row, other campers have more pressing issues on their minds than who did the washing up last. Dancer Vincent Simone for example seemed unfazed by anything other than his desire to have a longer penis so he didn’t need to try and stumble his way to the toilet in the night.  

Yep, jungle chitchat is getting strange.

But amid the babble of the campmates a new star is rising – David Emanuel. The fashion designer is an emotional rock, a firm shoulder to cry on, a man willing to leap into a tub of raw meat to try and win a luxury stay in a hotel.

Sure, his hair still smells of animal fat and he can feel his credibility ebbing away as he’s forced to wear a purple Hawaiian shirt with a red fluffy gilet. But that’s not going to get this sophisticated chap down, oh no. David even comforted model Amy Willerton after she got upset for not getting a chance to swim around in the tub of meat.

As Alfonso was eager to explain – he’s got knowledge of Hollywood he feels duty-bound to share – a person can steal the limelight without even having a line. Yes Alfonso, and that man is David.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues Wednesday night at 9:00pm on ITV