Borgen lives on in Radio 4 spin-off series

Tim Pigott-Smith will star as Hans Gammelgaard in English-speaking five-part drama Borgen: Outside the Castle set within the Danish civil service

As Borgen inches towards a climactic conclusion, fans preparing to bid a final farewell to Birgitte Nyborg and her Danish parliament will be cheered by the news of a Radio 4 spin-off series starring Tim Pigott-Smith as Hans Gammelgaard. 


The private secretary in the ministry of environment will be the focus of a new series, titled Borgen: Outside the Castle, which will feature several of the characters first introduced in the critically-acclaimed Scandi-series.

The five-part series will be an English adaptation of a Danish radio show – subtitles just aren’t as effective without a TV – and will eschew the dealings of politicians in favour of the civil service, set against Birgitte Nyborg’s rise to power during series one of the drama. Following Gammelgaard’s attempts to win approval for the controlled use of genetically modified crops by Danish farmers, the episodes will see him face hidden enemies willing to go to “any lengths” to stand in his way.

Beginning on Monday 16 December, the serial will be a collaboration with the production team from Danish broadcaster, DR, who also worked on the hit TV drama. Playing opposite Pigott-Smith (The Jewel in the Crown, The Great Train Robbery) in the lead role are Danny Sapani, Pippa Haywood, Tom Goodman-Hill, Katherine Dow Blyton, Tony Gardner and Will Howard. 

Bafta-winning Borgen is mid-way through its third and final series and continues to attract a loyal audience to BBC4 on Saturday nights. While there is no mention of actress Sidse Babett Knudsen making an appearance, fans will be pleased to hear the radio spin-off shares Borgen’s iconic soundtrack, written by Grammy-winning Danish composer, Halfdan E. 

Borgen continues next Saturday with a double bill – starting at 9:00pm on BBC4