Jamie finally admits his feelings to Spencer as he gets closer to Lucy on Made in Chelsea

After being quizzed by Mr Matthews at Phoebe-Lettice Thompson's dinner party, Jamie revealed how he felt about Lucy during tonight's episode

Jamie Laing is like a broken record. After showering affection on pretty much the entire female population of Chelsea – Louise, Phoebe, Binky, to name a few – he seems intent on revisiting old territory with on-off-on again romance, Lucy Watson. 


But tonight’s episode saw him finally admit his feelings for his best friend Spencer’s ex-girlfriend at a dinner party hosted by Phoebe-Lettice Thompson. After being informed by Spencer that he’s “very flaky and unreliable” (fair point), Jamie responded with the not-so-wise-words, “Think how I feel – I like my best mate’s ex-girlfriend”. Sorry Jamie, we don’t feel too sorry for you there. 

And once he was quizzed by Spencer over the true nature of his feelings for Lucy, Jamie admitted again that he did in fact like her. Once more Spencer proved exactly how good a friend he was by revealing he’d been texting Lucy before telling the table she’d admitted she missed him. Nice work, Spenny – you certainly know how to kick a man when he’s down. 

Meanwhile, Lucy was having a drink with Binky and uttered the ominous words no Made in Chelsea viewer ever wants to hear about Spencer. “I know I’m always going to like him,” she said. “But I just can’t spend time with him.” Thank god. What a wise lady. Take note, Louise Thompson. 

She also shed light on Mr Laing, admitting to Binky that she shared his feelings despite not being able to trust him. “I like him but I will never be with him”, she solemnly announced. How long can she resist the charms of the man child? 

Jamie was out to prove himself to her, sending Proudlock on a reconaissance mission to determine the true nature of her feelings for him. The two Lost Boys then spent a good five minutes trying to work out the name of Sherlock Holmes’s right-hand man, convincing one another he was called Moyes. Errrr… 

And after a rather conspicuous cross-examination of Stevie, Proudlock – minus his deerstalker – determined that “the troll does come up in conversation a fair bit.” Just what Jamie needed to make his move. He opened with his trump card: “I hear you and Spenny have been texting.”

Lucy – recast this series as an emotional being – explained, “I don’t think you ever properly get over someone that you like that much until you really love someone else.” Jamie then asked her to pick between him and Spencer. She picked him (contrary to her earlier conversation with Binky) but told Jamie she wouldn’t go there because she didn’t trust him. 

“Shall we kiss?” asked Jamie. “No,” replied Lucy. “Damn.” We’re pretty sure it’ll only be a matter of time, Jamie.

Made in Chelsea continues on Mondays at 10:00pm on E4