Sherlock series 3 trailer – in pictures

#SherlockLives as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return with guest star Sharon Rooney for a third season of the BBC detective drama


Have you all calmed down after the monumental excitement of a Sherlock series three trailer? Good. Now we’ve recovered from Saturday’s 30-second clip, we thought we’d take the opportunity relive the tantalising footage in pictures. That way you can linger on Dr Watson’s bushy moustache and rest your eyes a little while longer on Sherlock’s steely rooftop gaze… 


Two years after our super sleuth’s plummet from the the roof of St Bart’s Hospital, it’s good to see his grave still looking in such good shape… even if he’s not actually six feet under. 

Martin Freeman, we applaud you. What a moustache. That baby rivals the likes of Hercule Poirot and Ron Burgundy with its bristly fullness. Shame about those dark bags and your miserable stare. 

And here’s the back view of Sherlock’s curly mop. Oh, how we’ve missed it. 

The “where-the-hell-have-you-been” death stare from John Watson.

“I’m going to keep throwing daggers until you tell me”

Stillll glaring… 

Did you recognise My Mad Fat Diary’s Sharon Rooney? She’s rumoured to be playing a character named Laura. 

She and her fellow Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts are about to get a mega surprise… 

This shaggy-haired, strange looking man who looks like Anderson seems rather perplexed by the contents of her mobile telephone.

“Oooooh myyyy gaaaaadd” 

Sherlock’s only gone and done a Lazarus. 

There’s our man. Firmly planted on the edge of the building. Definitely not on the ground below. Hurrah! 

The hair. The cheekbones. The glare. Welcome back, Sherlock Holmes.