John Hurt appears in new official Doctor Who 12 Doctors design

We may not be completely clear what number Doctor John Hurt is but if a new BBC image is anything to go by he's now at least an official incarnation of the Time Lord

It’s an image Doctor Who fans have become very familiar with over the last few weeks – but with one key difference.


Eleven Doctors become 12 as John Hurt joins the line-up in an update of the official Doctor Who 50th anniversary design.

Whether this makes him the ninth Doctor remains unclear – on one hand, Hurt is the regeneration between eighth Doctor Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, the man we’ve been calling number nine up until now; on the other, recent comments by Steven Moffat suggest he should remain numberless – but whatever the case, it’s nice to finally see him take his rightful place among the ranks of his fellow Doctors…

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