Be a Radio Times reviewer: tell us what you think of The Day of the Doctor

Want to be a TV critic for a day? Tell us what you thought of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode by 9am on Monday and your review might just get published...

Brace yourselves. It’s here. The culmination of 50 years of Who.


All those Tardis adventures, alien adversaries and loyal companions celebrated in a special episode starring not one, not two, but THREE Doctors (at least). A feature length treat for Whovians, tied up in a big bow (tie).

The Day of the Doctor, which stars Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, David Tennant, John Hurt and Joanna Page, is set to be simulcast around the world and watched avidly by thousands of Who fans. But we want to know what YOU thought of the anniversary episode.

Was it a suitable celebration of Doctor Who’s 50 years? Are you bursting with pride for the sci-fi success – and counting down the days until the Christmas special?

Did you love seeing Matt Smith and David Tennant’s Doctors on screen together? How about readers’ favourite companion Rose?  

Or was The Day of the Doctor an anticlimax after all this hype? Do you think (God forbid) that it’s time the BBC exterminated the show once and for all?

Tell us what you thought in 150 words and we’ll publish our favourites. Right here, on 

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