Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

25-29 November: Mason and Rhiannon grow closer, Chris continues on his downward spiral, while Bailey falls for bad girl Gem

Monday 25 November


Chris is charged with assaulting Joshua, who is banned from training until he has another CT scan. Gem applies for the leasehold of No 24 and asks Georgia to move in with her, but cancels her application when Georgia invites Kyle to move in too. Toadie regrets agreeing to look into Eric’s skiing accident claim when he finds himself on the receiving end of a blackmail threat. 

Tuesday 26 November

Kyle and Georgia are disappointed that No 24 fell through, but will they forgive Gem when they discover why? Surprised by the blackmail attempt, Sonya tries to mediate over an informal lunch between Eric, Mandy, herself and Toadie. Nominations are open for next year’s school captain. Imogen immediately puts her name forward but will her best friend Amber stand against her? 

Wednesday 27 November

Gem is annoyed when Imogen rejects her advice and deliberately sets out to scupper her chances of becoming school captain. The next day, Bailey finds evidence that she has rigged the vote. The Turner kids try to get their parents back together with a romantic stargazing picnic, but can Lauren convince Matt to let go of his anger over the sketch? Toadie and Sonya have a more successful night out, although it does not go according to plan. 

Thursday 28 November

Mason enjoys helping and playing with Jackson, but he is startled to realise that Rhiannon wants him to be a father figure to her son. It is election day, and Imogen and Amber reconcile as they await the outcome. Gem is forced to return the pilfered ballot papers, and turns the full force of her charm on Bailey to ensure his silence. Amber shares her insecurities with Josh, who almost tells her about his sister’s bulimia in empathy. 

Friday 29 November


hiannon notices that Mason is distancing himself from her and tackles him head-on. He admits that he feels their relationship is moving too fast, but when she backs off he instantly regrets his words. Josh receives the all-clear from his scan results. Kate rushes round to tell Chris and finds him at rock bottom. Desperate to help him, she hits upon the one thing that might work. Frustrated by Paul’s constant stonewalling about money, Terese confronts him, with surprising results.