Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games archery technique is all wrong says an expert

If the poster for Catching Fire is anything to go by, Katniss Everdeen needs to shut her mouth and optimise her technique - but The Hunger Games has still provided great publicity for the sport

Jennifer Lawrence certainly looks the part in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire teaser posters – but they also reveal that she’s severely lacking in pro archery skills.


If the film’s protagonist Katniss Everdeen shot a bow and arrow like she did in the poster “it would really hurt her,” explains 17-year-old British gold medal archer Becky Martin. In the posters, Lawrence breaks one of the most basic rules in the sport – she puts her finger over the arrow. Firing in this position could rip a chunk out of her flesh.

Martin, who recently won gold in the World Cadet Championships and has her sights set on Rio 2016, revealed that this is not the only area in which Lawrence could improve her technique. “My tips would make her even better,” says Martin, who has deconstructed the movie poster as below:

Despite Lawrence’s shoddy technique in the poster, Olympic hopeful Martin admits that The Hunger Games is a great thing for her sport, “all publicity for archery is great, and it’s a minority sport in the UK so it’s great to raise awareness of it.”

Martin has seen an increase in people trying archery since The Hunger Games hit the big screen. “I’ve spoken to a few people about how they got into archery recently, and they said The Hunger Games gave them the idea.” She also sees Katniss as a good role model, “I’d like to think that I can be as accurate as her and show determination as she does,” said Martin.

For more information on taking up archery, see the ArcheryGB website

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is in UK cinemas from 22 November