Statistically Come Dancing: Have the celebs peaked or is the best yet to come?

Will Ben and Sophie prove they are within reach of the glitterball? Can Natalie or Susanna achieve that perfect score? Our stats experts look over the numbers

When Strictly goes to Blackpool it truly is a huge event for us fans. And as statisticians we weren’t only looking forward to great performances, but expecting Blackpool to be a turning point on our celebs’ dance-journey. Could any of them improve significantly on their scores and convince us they were true contenders?


Well, some did more than others. Score-wise the two biggest successes at Blackpool were Ashley and Susanna with a superb paso doble. Olé!

Ashley had scored consistently since the second week of the show. It was only in the previous week that he headed towards the mid-30s, but Blackpool saw him get his highest score of the series for his paso and equal Patrick’s marks – Craig’s “best male celebrity”. Fab-u-lous!

Ben scored highly in Blackpool with his tender American Smooth after a solid but not very bouncy jive last week – looking at previous scores, our ex-rugby player celeb struggles with the quicker dances. But after a big leap in his numbers since week one, Ben has still not proved whether he has the ability and consistency to score as well as Ben and Ashley. And even the highest-scoring men are still not doing quite as well as the highest-scoring women. Do Ashley and Patrick have the legs to catch Natalie and Susanna at the head of the leaderboard?

Susanna’s paso put her joint top with Natalie. Susanna’s scores have been improving week on week since her samba in week four. This week – with the help of some genius choreography from Kevin – her dramatic, slightly-toasty-cheesy take on Carmen stole the show and saw her awarded her first 10s, and the highest score of the series so far. A-maz-ing!

While Abbey continues to score highly, as she has done throughout the series, to match Natalie and Susanna she now has to start knocking regularly at the door of the perfect 40 score. Sophie improved her marks in Blackpool with her quickstep and has shown improvement since her disappointing jive in week six. But as with Ben, time is running out for Sophie to equal the score she got for her charleston and truly be considered a contender for the 2013 glitterball.

Have the celebs peaked or is the best yet to come? Will the Blackpool-effect carry over to next week? We just can’t wait!

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC1