I’m A Celebrity 2013 day 3: Welcome to Planet Joey

All the campmates are 'sick'. At least that’s how Joey would describe them. But how will Kian Egan, Matthew Wright and the other campers deal with Mr Essex full time, asks Emma Daly

Joey continues to baffle everyone with the list of things he can’t do – blowing his nose being the latest basic life skill he admits he’s never learned to perform “the professional way”. And now the Essex lad is being propelled into the other camp as the two teams merge. It’s gonna be ‘sick’, as Joey might say…


Laila Morse and Steve Davis have found their time with Joey quite entertaining, Amy Willerton has formed a little bond with their Bushtucker champion, and Rebecca Adlington, well she seems to tolerate him. But Steve admits he’s excited to see Joey “unleashed” on the others.

“It’s time they experience ‘Planet Joey’,” Steve jokes.

But is there about to be a showdown? Matthew Wright has had enough of losing to Joey in the Bushtucker Trials, deciding Joey’s whole ‘I don’t know this, I don’t know that’ ways are just an act.

I rather think Matthew is just bitter he couldn’t count to 60 better than a TOWIE star in last night’s tie-breaker challenge, especially after he’d also had a cricket lodged so far down his earhole that Medic Bob had to be called in.

Yet maybe Matthew is on to something. Joey did beat an Olympic swimmer in a strength test, which saw four of the campmates hang onto punch bags over a pool of water for as long as possible (although Joey helpfully pointed out that Rebecca is of course not known for being a “hold on to a bag-er”).

Then again, the rather soppy Alfonso Ribeiro also beat Rebecca, so perhaps there’s not too much that can be taken from that.

Joey, of course, is looking on the bright side of things, excited to be fighting together with all his campmates rather than against some of them (bless).

Perhaps Matthew should stop trying to figure Joey out and count himself lucky – Joey’s back in the trial tonight for ‘Submerged’ (meaning to be underwater, the campmates needed to explain) and Matthew might get another good feed. 

Although, with two new campmates on the way, in the form of ex-model and TV presenter Annabel Giles and former Strictly professional Vincent Simone, Joey may turn out to be the least of their worries. 

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV