I’m A Celebrity: 10 useful gifts for Joey Essex

A Joey-proof clock (maybe) a book on blowing your nose and a mug with his name on are among the simple products that could be just what the TOWIE star needs to help him in the jungle and beyond

Most of this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestants are likely to have gone into the jungle worried about coping with Bushtucker Trials, sleeping outside or getting along with their fellow celebrities. 


Joey Essex, on the other hand, entered the Australian bush with several more fundamental strings missing from his bow. He can’t blow his nose, he can’t tell the time and, according to Rebecca Adlington, he can’t wash up to a very good standard either. 

Poor Joey. 

To help the TOWIE lad out, here’s a bunch of gifts that could be useful to help him get, well, from one day to the next. 

A guide to cuts of pork

Because gut pork isn’t a real thing.

via Zazzle.co.uk

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial Game

To remind Joey goat’s cheese probably isn’t the worst thing he’s ever eaten.

via Hawkin.com

I Am a Booger… Treat Me With Respect! By Julia Cook 

A handy book that may give Joey an insight into how to blow his nose “the professional way“. 

via Amazon

A fool-proof clock

A way to tell the time surely even Joey could master. 

via DougsWordClock.com

Washing up glove with scourer attached

Joey and Amy Willerton may have kindly offered to do the dishes for the camp. But they didn’t get them ‘Rebecca Adlington clean’. This two-in-one washing up tool could be the answer. 

via ebay

Insect finger puppets

Well Joey wanted to know what a millipede does, perhaps a little puppet show with these funky bugs would help explain a little about the camp critters he could encounter? 

via Amazon.co.uk

A pocket dictionary

He can keep it with him AND it’s got pictures to help explain the words. He can look up words like ‘confrontate‘ before he uses them… 

via WHSmith

… or a word of the day memo pad

Joey could boost his vocab one word at a time. Sick!

via Amazon.co.uk

Bug counters 

Well, Joey loves to count. He used to do it all the time apparently. This way he may even get used to the sort of bugs he’ll find himself bathed in on the show, as it looks like he’s prime Bushtucker Trial property.

via Auravita.com

Hello my name is Joey mug

You know, he may very well forget.

via Auravita.com

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV