Doctor Who 50th: Peter Davison set to bring back classic Doctors with comedy mini-episode

Former Doctors such as Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann are likely to star alongside Broadchurch actor Olivia Colman in Peter Davison's Red-Button spoof

It’s been a good week for those keen to see classic Doctors involved in the celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. First, one actor dropped this enormous spoiler and now it turns out that Peter Davison is writing and directing a special mini-episode featuring past incarnations of the Time Lord.


Listed as the The Five(ish) Doctors, the 15-minute comedy will debut on the BBC Red Button, after The Day of the Doctor, at 10pm on Saturday night. The synopsis reads, “Miss the classic Doctors? They’re back in this celebratory special written and directed by Peter Davison.”

It’s unconfirmed exactly who will be involved in the short but earlier this year Sean Pertwee (son of the third Doctor Jon Pertwee) did tweet – and subsequently delete – a casting call for a scene featuring Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Broadchurch actor Olivia Colman all playing themselves. It is highly likely to be linked.

As to what the comedy will concern, a picture (below) was taken in September of Davison and McCoy filming a scene in which they ‘protested’ their omission from the 50th anniversary special with banners that read “No Classics? No 50th!” and “Have a heart, Classic Doctors want a part!” Being the keen Sherlock Holmes’s we are, we’d say that this is linked to the mini-episode too. 

Earlier this week, a mysterious account called @dayofthefishDr also sprung up on Twitter and began to post cryptic clues about something coming on the day of the 50th anniversary. 

What with The Fish Dr obviously being a play on The Five-ish Doctors (Sherlock, remember?), we’d harbour a guess at this also being linked; especially since it started tweeting behind-the-scenes images from the spoof – including this one, below, of Day of the Doctor star David Tennant counting down the days until it airs. It is unconfirmed whether he is involved in the actual episode, however.