Doctor Who 50th anniversary: UK fans mistakenly charged by iTunes for new minisode says BBC

Doctor Who fans were in uproar after The Last Day, written by Steven Moffat, was originally billed as free in the US but £2.49 to download on iTunes in the UK

The BBC have unveiled another Doctor Who minisode in the run up to the 50th anniversary special – but this one, due to a mistake by iTunes, comes at a price for UK fans, can reveal. 


The Last Day, a 3 minute 43 second clip set on Gallifrey, is currently priced at £2.49 to download on iTunes but is free to watch in the US. It follows last week’s free, seven-minute minisode The Night Of The Doctor, which featured the sensational return of eighth Doctor Paul McGann. 

However, a BBC spokesman has confirmed to that “this is an error on the part of iTunes. This should have been free. We’re waiting to hear back from them about how this will be rectified.”

The ominous clip, written by Steven Moffat, takes fans inside the head-cam of a Gallifreyan solider on his first day at war with the Daleks. “Welcome to Arcadia,” he’s told; which is a Gallifrey city protected, apparently, by 400 “sky trenches” that no one in the universe or history has managed to break through. You can guess how that works out…

The minisode’s title and setting seem to be a nod to 2006 episode Doomsday, in which David Tennant’s tenth Doctor reveals that during the mysterious Time War he was “on the front line. I was there at the fall of Arcadia. Someday I might even come to terms with that.”

The mistake to give the minisode to the US for free while charging the UK ran the risk of angering British fans, with one fan page already having posted on Facebook, “Please can you explain why the UK audience, the licence fee paying British people who fund the show, are having to PAY for the latest episode through iTunes, but across the pond in the US, they get the minisode for FREE?! In a time when the Special is being universally broadcasted on Saturday and fans unite together, making one set of fans pay for something free in another country, especially the people who fund it, [is a mistake].”

As well as being available now, The Last Day will also be included as a special feature on the forthcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release of the Anniversary adventure.