Louise and Andy in epic showdown after Spencer spills the beans on Made in Chelsea

Spenny lets slip about Louise's misbehaviour but it turns out Andy's been having some fun of his own these last few weeks...

Made in Chelsea doesn’t exactly feature shy and retiring types, but Andy and Louise were on particularly fiery form during tonight’s episode. The spark? Spencer Matthews, of course…


We knew the estranged couple’s baby steps towards a reunion were unlikely to survive Andy’s clay shooting meet with Louise’s vocal ex-boyfriend. But Spenny had a powerful trick up his sleeve, informing his new pal that Louise had indeed slept with the mysterious stranger who caused their acrimonious break-up.

Whether we’ll ever lay eyes on this suspicious fella remains to be seen, but Andy fell hook, line and sinker for Mr Matthews’ stirring. “She’s just a nightmare,” he sighed, nostrils puffing out.

Back in the sanctuary of her girlfriends, Louise was wondering what on earth the pair were chatting about, although her blissful ignorance was soon shattered when she bumped into her on-off ex in a London bar. Finally ‘fessing up, it wasn’t long before she’d turned on the waterworks, but if she’d really wanted him back, asking, “What have I done wrong?” probably wasn’t the smart way to go about it. 

“I wish I could delete you,” said a hurting Andy, playing the martyr for all it was worth. But – in a convenient plot twist worthy of the pen of Julian Fellowes – it turned out he hadn’t been so squeaky clean after all, bumping into a girl he’d “got with” just nights before who happened to have walked off with Louise’s clothes. Of course, he did the only sensible thing and went and chatted to her in plain sight of his seething ex-girlfriend. Awkward. 

It wasn’t long before we got the showdown we’d been waiting for. While she’d spared Spencer her harshest words earlier, Louise let rip at Andy and his new lady. “Hello darling, first of all I’d love my jumper back and second of all, can you get out of my f**king seat,” she spat, before directing the full force of her rage at Andy. 

The following dialogue was barely decipherable as the duo exchanged insults. “You lied about being with someone else.” “You’ve been going around sleeping with random sluts.” “You’re following in Spencer’s footsteps”. Blah blah blah. 

As Louise stormed off, Andy informed her he’s “not going to have a relationship probably ever again,” but we ain’t so sure he deserves our sympathy after tonight’s revelations. And we don’t think we’ll ever forgive him if he sends Louise scurrying back into Spencer’s arms once again. Not again, surely? 

Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 10:00pm on E4