X Factor 2013: Tamera Foster forgets the words and Callahan takes a risk

Nicole Scherzinger's act misses the lyrics and Sam Callahan goes against advice and performs with his guitar


X Factor blips caught the judges’ attention tonight as the acts took on big UK tracks.


Nicole Scherzinger’s act Tamera Foster opted to change her song choice during the week, and after struggling with the lyrics to Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds in rehearsal, she accidentally forgot the words during her live performance. 

The judges didn’t let the slip go by without mentioning it, particularly as Tamera made the same mistake in Bootcamp, but were quick to assure her it could have been better hidden from the audience.

It’s fine, we were too busy wondering why Tamera was performing in Phillip Schofield’s Cube…

Louis Walsh is still storming ahead with three acts in the competition, but Sam Callahan still couldn’t catch a break with the judges. Backstage footage revealed Sam had decided to ignore advice and perform with his guitar, but slightly missed a beat at the start of George Michael’s Faith. 

Not to worry, Gary Barlow let him know he wasn’t the best when he was his age either. Everyone loves a backhanded compliment don’t they?

Nicholas McDonald continued to melt the judges’ hearts with Adele’s Someone Like You, but was told to turn up the ‘individuality’ by Gary and to give ‘a bit more of Nicholas’. We’re sure his fans will approve. 


But of course the biggest news of the night by far was that host Dermot O’Leary danced at the start of the show. Ah the power of the internet. I’ve only been hounding him for a few, er, weeks