Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

18-22 November: Josie's self-esteem hits rock bottom, while the Turners' marriage is in trouble

Monday 18 November


After the garage is vandalised, Chris gets a second warning from Danni for letting his personal life disrupt the business. Sonya voices her worries about Josie to Susan, but their efforts to help backfire when Gem belittles Josie in class. On a girls’ night out, Kate’s dislike of Gem threatens to wreck her friendship with Georgia. Amber and Imogen begin work experience.

Tuesday 19 November

After unsuccessfully trying to mediate between Kate and Georgia, Kyle tells Kate that she is on her own. Amber and Imogen are full of praise for each other’s mothers, leading both Terese and Lauren to question whether they are meeting all their daughters’ needs. Matt and Sheila discover the lost sketch of the Turner’s old Mt Isa house – with Lauren’s sketch of Brad on the reverse side.

Wednesday 20 November

Amber tries to interest Imogen in the new chef at Lassiters, unaware that her friend is keen on Mason. Matt confronts Lauren with the sketch he found at the antiques shop, but her reluctance to explain herself causes a rift between them. Karl and Susan are taken by surprise when Rhiannon turns up out of the blue and moves in with her son Jackson. Later, Imogen sees her make a move on Mason.

Thursday 21 November

After seeing Mason with Rhiannon, a heartsore Imogen skips counselling and buys a bag of junk food. Terese rushes home to sort out her daughter and so is not on hand to put a stop to Rhiannon’s antics. As a result Lassiters loses an important client. While Karl and Susan are arguing over who should look after him, Jackson runs away.

Friday 22 November


The whole neighbourhood turns out to help the police search for Jackson. At her Mothers’ Group, Sonya bonds with Mandy, the wife of Eric Edwards who is suing the gym. After hearing her story, Sonya tries to persuade Toadie to put aside his animosity and help the Edwards. Joshua is horrified when a salacious article appears about Chris and Hudson. Later, he feels the full force of Chris’s fury.