Mushroom burgers with balsamic glaze

Fantastic vegetarian alternative to a quick classic


Mushroom burgers with balsamic glaze

  • 20minutes
  • Serves 4
  • EASY

PER SERVING 352 kcals, protein 16.5g, carbs 52.2g, fat 8.1g, sat fat 2.7g, fibre 3.7g, salt 1.4g



  • flat mushrooms 4 large, stalks trimmed
  • balsamic vinegar 4 tbsp, simmered on a low heat to make 2 tbsp
  • thyme chopped to make 2 tsp
  • garlic 1 clove, crushed
  • olive oil
  • light mozzerella 4 slices
  • red onion 1/2, diced
  • vine tomatoes, 2 diced
  • ciabatta rolls 4, toasted
  • rocket to serve
  • 1. Score the undersides of the mushrooms. Whisk together half the vinegar, 1 tsp thyme, the garlic, 1 tsp olive oil and season.
  • 2. Rub this over the mushrooms and pour the remainder into the upturned mushrooms. Grill on a baking tray for 8-10 minutes until soft, add the mozzarella and the remaining thyme and grill until melted.
  • 3. Mix the onion and tomato and spoon onto the ciabatta tops. Add the rocket and mushrooms to the bottom bun, drizzle with the remaining vinegar.