Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

18-22 November: Spencer's erratic behaviour reaches a dangerous level, while Brax takes an unusual interest in Josh and Andy Barrett

Monday 18 November


Dr Bradley surprises April with a glowing appraisal of her career options. Casey makes such good progress during his physio that Tamara cannot help kissing him and Dex has second thoughts about quitting. Upset that Heath did not confide in her before freeing the twins, Bianca implores him to be more open with her.

Tuesday 19 November

Tamara’s behaviour has left Casey feeling confused and guilty, until Brax puts him straight about her break-up with Kyle. Holed up in the motel, Evelyn is desperate to get back to the lodge, but to what lengths will she go to escape? After April’s challenge, Heath begins to reassess his life and starts researching fitness courses. Kyle decides to get away for a few days to clear his head.

Wednesday 20 November

As Zac, Hannah and Oscar try to decide what next to do about Evelyn, Kyle comes across her trying to hitch-hike back to Sanctuary Lodge. He takes her to see Ricky, but will she be any more successful in getting through to the brainwashed teen? Josh is released but when he tries to apologise to the Braxtons, Brax kicks him out, only to discover later that their fathers were friends.

Thursday 21 November

After a day when Spencer’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and aggressive, Chris wants to know whether he has been taking his medication. Brax finds Josh sleeping rough on the beach and offers to buy him breakfast, but Josh is suspicious of his motives. Unaware of his precarious financial situation, Marilyn encourages Winston to go on a trip around the world.

Friday 22 November


Spencer is rushed to hospital after collapsing, where a pre-existing medical condition is revealed. Indi is disappointed that Chris did not confide in her, but as they agree that there should be no more secrets between them, a newcomer arrives at the pier diner claiming to be his girlfriend. Following a misunder- standing, Dex and Jett try to dissuade Marilyn from leaving with Winston. Dex asks for his job back.