Christmas 2013: gift ideas for Downton Abbey fans

From a Downton Abbey calendar to a screen print, aristocratic jewellery to an official range of Downton cosmetics, thrill the period drama fan in your life this Christmas

Do you know a Downton Abbey addict? Perhaps your quick-witted housemate thinks she’s the next Violet Crawley? Maybe your mum has delusions of aristocratic grandeur?


Make them happy this festive period with our top ten Christmas presents for Downton Abbey fans…

Keep up with the Crawleys

Make sure your tenants’ lunches, galas and bazaars are all marked in this delightful Downton calendar. There’s really nothing worse than double booking yourself. 

From £6.47 Buy here

Hedonistic headwear

Glam up and channel the 1920s at your next social soiree. Or, you know, just pop it on to watch the Downton Christmas special… 

From £10 Buy here

Tasteful toiletries

Have lips as kissable as Rose’s, hands as soft as Edith’s or baths as luxurious as Bates (we are using our imaginations here) with the M&S range of Downton-inspired cosmetics. 

From £5 Buy here

Twenties tech

They might not have had iPhones at the Abbey – they’re struggling enough with electric whisks – but that doesn’t mean your modern gadgetry can’t have a vintage 1920’s feel. 

From £3.22 Buy here

Nostalgic nightwear

Float around your country pile just like Lady Mary in this vintage style nightdress. Just because you’re not going out to dine, doesn’t mean you can’t look delightfully stylish, dear. 

From £45 Buy here

Aristrocratic artwork

Publically profess your love of Downton Abbey with this fun screenprint. It features classic quotes from the series, plus drawings of Matthew and Sybil’s gravestones (may they rest in peace).

From £32 Buy here

Sneaky peek

Get the low-down on all the goings on at Downton Abbey, from the director’s chair to the costume cupboard, all without having to blackmail a single lady’s maid. 

From £15 Buy here

Beads and baubles

Drape yourself in jewels, brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that wouldn’t look out of place on Violet Crawley’s dressing table. John Lewis was totally around during Downton era, too. It’s probs where the Crawleys themselves stocked up on bling. 

From £20 Buy here

Status symbol

Make sure everyone is aware of your social standing with this incredibly tasteful tee. We are 99% sure it’s what Robert wears underneath his dinner jacket. 

From £14.99 Buy here

Rewind the drama

Relive the ups and downs of series four again. And again. And again. Or for as long as you can before someone forcibly stops you. 

From £24.99 Buy here