Jeremy Paxman pays tribute to David Dimbleby tattoo in Newsnight sign-off

After the 75-year-old Question Time presenter revealed he'd had a scorpion inked onto his shoulder for his new series, Paxman followed suit - sort of

On Monday it was revealed that Question Time presenter David Dimbleby had got his first tattoo, aged 75, and Twitter had a mini-meltdown. What would be next? Jon Snow boasting a set of grills? Hugh Edwards with a tongue piercing? Susanna Reid flashing her pins? (Oh, wait…) 


As it turned out, it was Jeremy Paxman who got there first, using some new body ink of his own to bid viewers “Good Nite” in the style of the classic Love/Hate tattoos… 

The stunt is the latest in a recent series of wacky sign-offs for the BBC2 current affairs programme, which have included an Emily Maitlis interview with Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster and a Halloween performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, with dancing zombies surrounding a deadpan Kirsty Wark.