Sherlock series 3 finale to feature “more tears” than ever before

His Last Vow will include "more strings than ever before. More epicness. More tears," according to Sherlock composer Michael Price

Stars and fans alike shed more than their fair share of tears during the Sherlock series two cliffhanger The Reichenbach Fall.


Benedict Cumberbatch’s usually detached detective squeezed out a few as he prepared to take the plunge from the roof of St Bart’s Hospital, while co-star Louise Brealey (aka lab geek Molly Hooper) admits she and Martin Freeman’s partner Amanda Abbington were in floods watching it on TV, just like many other viewers.

So when we’re told that the series three finale is likely to induce even more tears, well, the mind boggles…

“It’s time,” tweeted Sherlock composer Michael Price, as he prepared to go into the studio to record the score for His Last Vow, the final instalment in the forthcoming series. “Sherlock ep3. More strings than ever before. More epicness. More tears.”

But just what might be inducing those tears? Sherlock and John face Lars Mikkelsen’s “terrifying” villain Charles Augustus Magnussen in the episode. Could the man whose namesake in the original stories is known as “the king of blackmailers” resort to murder in writer Steven Moffat’s modern-day version?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have already signed themselves up for series four of Sherlock – and besides, it could hardly go on without them – but might another well-loved character be set for the chop?

Is Molly perhaps expendable? Or Sherlock’s landlady Mrs Hudson, who had assassin’s sights trained on her at the end of the last series? Or could John’s wife-to-be, Mary Marston, played by Abbington, meet a tragic end so soon after her nuptials?

Is it too optimistic to hope it’s tears of joy fans will be shedding come the end of the series…?