Xbox One: Netflix, 4OD, LOVEFilm, Demand 5 and Sky’s Now TV partner for 22 November UK launch

New generation Microsoft console is promising to be a serious player in the UK TV, film and entertainment market - and deliver on its promise of offering an integrated EPG for live TV, catch-up and on demand

Microsoft’s Xbox One console will include services from Netflix, 4OD, Amazon’s LOVEFilm, Sky’s Now TV and the Tesco-owned TV and film on demand service blinkbox when it launches on 22 November in the UK. 


The next generation console, which will go head-to-head with Sony’s PlayStation 4 to win the hearts and minds of gamers, will also harness voice and motion technology to deliver the first steps towards “one aggregated EPG” for all your entertainment needs. 

Speaking in August to, UK Xbox marketing director Harvey Eagle explained he hopes the device will “within months” take “all of the aggregated feeds from whatever the sources, be that your Sky box, Netflix or any other content providers available in the ecosystem”

“It’ll suck all that into one aggregated EPG – and that’s therefore the only place you need to go to pull it from all these different places.”

This first set of entertainment partners, which also includes Eurosport, TED and in the UK, shows clear intent from Microsoft to deliver this vision. It is understood a number of new partners, which are likely to include a raft of UK broadcasters, will be announced in the run-up to Christmas. 

In addition to integrated partner services, Xbox One will allow “pass through” HDMI so that users can watch live TV through the console.

Xbox One will also come loaded with a number of voice and motion controlled services from Internet Explorer, Skype and Skydrive – as well as existing Xbox video and music services.   

A full list on international entertainment lauch partners can be found here.