Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

11-15 November: Josh declares his love for Amber, while Rhiannon returns to Erinsborough

Monday 11 November


Further misunderstandings muddy the waters between Amber and Josh, until he tells her that he loves her. But she tells him that if he wants to be with her he is going to have to wait. Gem overhears Kyle and Kate talk of their secret night together, and later Georgia accuses Kyle of lying to her. How much has Gem told her? Feeling his age, Karl decides to train for a fun run with Matt and Brad. After taking a sneaky short cut, however, he falls over and injures his ankle.

Tuesday 12 November

After taking advice from Susan, Toadie agrees to represent the gym client who was injured while Brad was supervising. As Brad’s financial future looks precarious when he discovers that he may be liable, Imogen surreptitiously makes copies of Toadie’s case notes. Having heard his worries about a biology assignment, Bailey thinks that something dodgy must have occurred when Callum gets an A.

Wednesday 13 November

Gem gets off to a bad start at school after showing Georgia’s music video during a lesson, leading Susan to wonder whether she made a mistake hiring her. Imogen does some online research into Eric, the injured gym user, and discovers some interesting information.

Thursday 14 November

Rhiannon strides back into Erinsborough to give evidence against Paul,who is accused of bribery in a property development scheme. But when Paul offers her a job, Rhiannon has to think twice about what to do. Imogen’s detective work leads to Eric dropping the case, but Toadie fires her for breaching client confidentiality.

Friday 15 November


Having refused to even read a letter he was sent from Hudson, Chris’s latest attempt to get over Him has dramatic consequences. After seeing Josie try to change herself to get Callum’s attention, Sonya tries to intervene, but this just results in Josie adopting even more extreme behaviour.