Home and Away: the week ahead in Summer Bay

11-15 November: Casey agrees to start physio, while Kyle finds it difficult to move on

Monday 11 November


Oscar is beaten by Ethan for contacting Zac, who rushes to the lodge only to be surrounded by cult members, who force him to leave and back up their threats with a police order. As Casey struggles to come to terms with using a wheelchair, Brax seeks revenge on those who caused his brother’s injuries.

Tuesday 12 November

Brax, Kyle and Heath team up with Zac to break Oscar and Evelyn out of the cult’s grasp, but Oscar’s injury and Murray’s defiance mean that things do not go smoothly. Chris does his best to get back in Irene’s good books. As Maddy’s feelings for Josh intensify, Alf pours cold water on their date by calling the cops, who question Josh about the accident.

Wednesday 13 November

Leah, even though she is worried that she has become an accessory to kidnapping, agrees to take Oscar to the hospital. After Brax gets nowhere, Ricky takes up the challenge to get Casey to go to physio and use the wheelchair. Indi questions whether Chris likes Irene more than he is admitting. Spencer, having ditched the drugs that he needs for his bipolar disorder, goes overboard on an extreme fitness regime, worrying Sasha.

Thursday 14 November

After Dex makes a partial breakthrough, Ricky asks Tamara to help her get Casey motivated. Dr Bradley, believing that Dex and April are interfering too much with Casey’s personal life, decides that one of them has to go. Despite herself, Marilyn is caught once again between Winston and John.

Friday 15 November


After admitting defeat over Marilyn, Winston decides to leave town – but not before giving Dex some advice. Kyle and Tamara struggle to be friends in the wake of their break-up. After being called Mrs Braxton, Bianca is worried that she has lost her own identity.