Doctor Who 50th anniversary special Australia ABC air date and time revealed

The Day of the Doctor will be shown across Australia on ABC in slots ranging from 3:50am to 6:50am

Doctor Who fans in Australia be in for an early start if they want to watch the 50th anniversary special when it is simulcast around the world later this month.


The Day of the Doctor will air on Sunday 24 November on ABC across the country, in slots ranging from 3:50am to 6:50am.

The 75-minute episode will reach each of Australia’s five time zones simultaneously as follows:

Sydney/ Canberra/Hobart/Melbourne 6:50am (AEDT)

Alice Springs/Darwin 5:20am (ACST)

Brisbane/Cairns 5:50am (AEST)

Adelaide 6:20am (ACDT)

Perth 3:50am (AWST)

The special episode unites Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor with David Tennant’s tenth and John Hurt’s new dark and mysterious incarnation of the Time Lord, along with companions Jenna Coleman and Rose Tyler, as they battle the Daleks and the Zygons.

The Day of the Doctor screens 50 years to the day after the first ever episode was aired. It will be shown in around 200 countries and is expected to be watched by more than 100 million viewers, making it the biggest global drama simulcast in history.

The Day of the Doctor UK air time

The Day of the Doctor US air times

The Day of the Doctor New Zealand air time