Coronation Street plans to open set to the public

Fans could be able to visit the nation's best-known terraced houses from March 2014

Good news for Corrie devotees – you could soon be able to walk down its famous cobbles once again.


The soon-to-be-former Coronation Street site at Granada Studios’ Quay Street base in Manchester looks set to be reopened to the public from next March as a tourist attraction.

The ITV soap is set to move to a new location at Salford’s Media City, where a fresh Street set is currently being built. But plans are afoot to allow fans to visit the vacated outdoor lot that has been used since 1982, with tours hoperfully running from spring next year until September.

This is the first time that Weatherfield’s most famous row of terraced houses will have been made accessible to tourists since the closure of Granada Studios Tour in 1999.

An ITV spokesperson said today: “Construction is nearing completion on the new 7.7 acre Coronation Street site at MediaCityUK, with the production due to move across at a date to be agreed. 

“After the production has moved to its new home, and subject to planning permission, we are looking into the possibility of opening the current Coronation Street set at our Quay Street site as a tourist attraction for a limited period, giving fans the opportunity to walk down the famous cobbles.”

City centre councillor Kevin Peel said of the decision: “I’m really pleased that the Corrie set is going to open to the public.

“We have long believed that the set would make a viable tourist attraction. Corrie’s millions of fans would flock to see it, bringing money in to Manchester’s economy. I hope we’ll be allowed to have a drink in the Rovers!”

Back in September, it was reported that Granada’s offices in Quay Street had been bought by developers Allied London and Manchester City Council for £26m and that the Coronation Street site was going to be turned into a residential and commercial quarter.