X Factor 2013: Bring back the Dermot O’Leary dance

Dermot’s shuffle was a real highlight of the show and the new format is missing this cheeky opening, says Emma Daly


We’re mid-way through the live shows in series ten of the X Factor and host Dermot O’Leary has yet to dance. I must confess – I have been left with egg on my face.


I thought Dermot’s dancing had become such a hallmark of the show there would be no possibility of the series continuing without it. I chuckled as I added the seemingly obvious ‘Dermot does the Dermot shuffle’ to this year’s X Factor bingo card.

Now it seems no-one will jump for joy as they cross off all of the squares on their card and yell ‘Full House’ (tell me someone’s playing my lovingly-crafted game?!).

Before the show even started I trawled the internet for snippets of Dermot dancing, happily putting together the best of Dermot’s dances in the hope it’d be a mere entrée before the main event.

Last year he danced across London’s Hungerford Bridge, he wiggled his way into Coronation Street’s Rovers Return Inn, he swung his hips around like he just didn’t care. Now – nothing.

I even went as far as to tell Dermot I’d put the celebratory article together – and all the while he must have known there would be no more.

No more shuffling, no more Austin Powers-esque grooving… is this not the crucial opening blast of excitement that encourages us to pick up the remote and turn over from BBC1 before Strictly Come Dancing has finished? Perhaps I should stick with watching Hairy Biker Dave Myers strut his stuff on the dance floor? His partner Karen Hauer had a basket of fruit on her head one week for goodness sake.

Sure, Dermot’s been getting his fair share of attention – his trouser area has had more than its allotted camera time and is certainly a hot topic on Twitter.

With this year’s Flash Vote looking like it could be on the way out after it was skipped during Disco Week, Derms won’t even get to do the whole ‘FLASH…ahhhh’ air guitar thing.

There’s definitely no denying that Dermot has got his Saturday night spin down to a fine art. I know when my Saturday night starts. But I know Dermot can do more. Heck, I want him to do more and I think a well-timed shuffle to I’m Too Sexy is in order.

The X Factor continues this Saturday and Sunday from 8pm ITV