Doctor Who: Matt Smith and David Tennant compare sonic screwdrivers in 50th anniversary special

The two stars are not competitive off screen but as the Doctors they take time to judge the relative merits of one another's Sonics


Does size matter, or is it what you do with it that counts? It seems the age-old debate even extends to Time Lords, with Matt Smith revealing that the tenth and 11th Doctors can bee seen comparing the relative merits of their screwdrivers during the 50th anniversary special.


“There’s a funny bit in the script between the tenth and 11th Doctors comparing Sonics, so there’s competitiveness in the story,” said Smith.

But he was quick to comfirm that that compeitiveness did not continue off screen between himself and tenth Doctor David Tennant.

“I just enjoyed spending time with David,” he said of his predecessor, who will pilot the Tardis alongside him during the special episode The Day of the Doctor.

“Obviously for me as well, as I am about to leave the show, it was really interesting to talk to him about that experience and his experience on the show, because it is a very individual experience playing the Doctor. It was quite nice to go, ‘What was that bit like for you?’ and it was just sort of enlightening really.”

Tennant appears to feel the same way, according to a series of interviews published by the BBC, saying “It’s funny, I think people almost expected Matt and me to be at loggerheads, but we’ve really enjoyed it.

“I guess when you‘ve played a character for a long time you kind of feel like you know how they’ll react in most situations. It’s delicious to be handed a situation that’s completely new and a character meeting a version of himself is not something that you come across in a lot of drama. So to get to play that with someone as talented and as quick and brilliant as Matt is nothing short of jolly good fun.”

Such was their rapport that Smith quipped on set that “it’s a bit like Laurel and Laurel. It’s like Hardy didn’t turn up”, reveals showrunner Steven Moffat.

“They are absolutely great together,” he added. “Sometimes very, very, different – other times, in moments they choose together, they are exactly the same.”