Doctor Who: Joanna Page on why she felt nothing kissing David Tennant

As Queen Elizabeth I, Page enjoys a smoochie picnic with the tenth Doctor in the 50th anniversary special - but it was so cold her lips went numb

For some ardent Whovians the rules are clear: there should be no hanky panky in these adventures in space and time, especially when it comes to the Doctor.


But Joanna Page, the actress who plays Elizabeth I in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, has revealed that she and David Tennant’s Doctor enjoy a rather romantic moment together. Or a semi-romantic moment, given the freezing cold of the shoot.

During their scenes for The Day of the Doctor, Page’s monarch goes picnicking with the tenth Doctor, where he feeds her grapes and they share a kiss. Unfortunately, Page felt nothing – the shoot was so cold that her lips were numb.

“Filming the romantic scenes were quite difficult because my first day was on top of a mountain in Neath,” she said. “It was absolutely freezing, it was blowing a gale and David, the tenth Doctor, and I are having a picnic.

“So I’m lying across him and he probably couldn’t breathe, because I’ve just got this massive costume on, and he’s feeding me grapes as I’m just desperately shivering. You’ve got to try and play it romantic and relaxed, when actually you’re freezing cold. I think our lips were turning blue and I stopped feeling my hands.

“So everyone is probably jealous, thinking ‘she gets to kiss the tenth Doctor and it’s all romantic’, but it’s not; my lips were numb and my hands were chapped.”

In the interviews released by the BBC, Page also confirmed that she will be playing the part of the (not so) Virgin Queen without her Welsh accent.

“It’s very funny being one of the most well-known Welsh people and having to stand up and say, ‘How dare you, I’m the Queen of England’,” she admitted. “That did make me laugh, but no, I’m playing her with an English accent. But John Hurt said she actually wouldn’t have had a very English accent, because there were so many different influences.”

The episode, as every fan knows, airs on 23 November.