Olivia Colman confirms her Broadchurch series 2 return

Actress tells RadioTimes.com she will reprise her role as Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller when the crime drama returns to ITV for a new series - but says she won't be joining David Tennant in the US remake of the show


Olivia Colman has confirmed that she will be appearing in the Broadchurch series two – but will not be featuring in the US remake alongside co-star David Tennant.


Speaking today at the launch of her new BBC1 two-parter 7:39, Colman initially claimed during a question and answer session that she did not know what her plans were.

When asked by RadioTimes.com if she was appearing in Broadchurch 2 she consulted her agent in the audience before confirming that she would be reprising her role as Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller who ends series one in despair after finding out who killed schoolboy Danny Latimer.

“Yes, I will be doing it,” she said, adding that she would not be in the US remake.

Colman said she had just enjoyed four months off work during the summer, spending the time with her family.

“I was nervous thinking about what to do with myself but it turns out I am more than happy doing nothing,” she laughed, suggesting that she was keen to take on less fraught parts.

She said she usually decides whether to take parts based on the quality of the script but recently turned down a role in which she plays a victim of domestic violence who ends up killing herself.

“I thought, I have done four in a row [of dramas like this], that’s enough.”

7:39 is a love story about two disillusioned commuters played by David Morrissey and Sheridan Smith who become lovers after meeting on a train at that time in the morning and is expected to be one of BBC’s flagship Christmas dramas.

Colman plays Morrissey’s wronged wife, Maggie.

“Maggie is an innocent really,” said Colman. “She is trying to make sense of her husband changing.”

The two-parter has been written by David Nicholls, author of the bestselling novel One Day which was turned into a hit film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

Colman confirmed she will also be appearing as the wife of Tom Hollander’s vicar in the return of BBC2 comedy Rev.