Strictly: Ben Cohen’s chest, Darcey’s crimped hair and Natalie’s perfect ten – the best of week six

A faux pas from Brucie and a turn-around for Patrick added to an eventful Halloween weekend on Strictly Come Dancing

1. Crimped hair was back in fashion


As a child of the nineties, I’ve got a soft spot for crimped hair. I just don’t know why people only do it on Halloween these days…

This week Darcey was rocking a full head of it while Abbey Clancy had clearly reached for the crimping irons, too. And she’s a model. Models know about what’s in fashion don’t they? I reckon it’s time to reach under the bed and dust off those crimpers…

2. Bruce called Darcey Dave…

Live TV has a certain charm, doesn’t it? And Bruce was on fire this week when it came to presenting mishaps and fluffed gags. My favourite was when he called judge Darcey Dave. Not exactly an easy mistake to make. Perhaps the crimped hair was distracting him…

3. Patrick turned it around 

From the bottom two to two eights and two nines, this week Casualty star Patrick was awarded his best score so far and climbed his way confidently to second spot on the leader board.

“If you’re in the dance off tonight, I’m going to pickle me walnuts,” said Len. Clearly, dancing every dance like you’re in the dance-off works!

4. Ben’s bare chest got a standing ovation

Ben Cohen’s dancing, or more accurately his muscly chest, was given 32 points by the judges this week. His pecs got the foursome all aflutter (again).

“I’ve got to admit I was slightly distracted. I didn’t look too much at the footwork,” admitted Craig, while Bruno failed to contain his excitement and fell off his chair again (this is becoming something of a regular occurance).

Yes, he can move, but seriously people. It’s only a bit of bare skin. Let’s try and calm down next week, shall we?

5. Natalie scored the first 10s of the series

Coronation Street actress Natalie Gumede is storming out ahead of the pack. And this week her spooky Viennese waltz prompted the judges to whip out their 10s for the very first time this series.

“You make me sick, dah-ling,” drawled Craig, adding his trademark: “fab-u-lous.” If she’s got CRH on side, she’s on to a winner…

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC1