Made in Chelsea series 6, episode 4: five things you should know

Stevie goes on a date with Tiff, Binky throws her dog a birthday party, Mark Francis lays down his ground rules and Spencer hates on Jamie

Last week’s episode of Made in Chelsea delivered snogs, slanging matches and scandal as the Sloaney chaps and chapettes donned their saris (and, in Phoebe’s case, a rather unfortunate nose ring…), Phoebe and Lucy stepped their rivalry up a gear, Louise managed to hold back the tears and Alex used Jamie’s covert strategy to snag Binky. 


Well we’ve had a look ahead at tonight’s episode and be warned, it’s a dramatic one… Here are five things you should know…

1. Woof!

Spencer’s usually the one acting like a dog, but tonight he’s well and truly outdone by some actual four-legged friends. The start of episode four is all about the pooches, as Lucy takes Harrods-bought Kevin (re-named Digby – “I had to change it”) for a walk and Binky’s pet spaniel Scrumble celebrates his first birthday party. He was joined by his celeb pals Noodle (Rosie’s Daxon), Evie (Cheska’s Pomeranian cross) and Alex’s pet, Poppy. What exactly constitutes a dog’s birthday party, we hear you ask? A park assault course. Duh.

2. Can Stevie avoid the “friend zone”?

We learnt last week that Stevie has a crush on new girl Tiffany, and thanks to bewilderingly charming Jamie Laing, he now has a date. But, as his lothario best mate Andy takes pains to warn him, Stevie has a habit of always ending up in the “friend zone”. So will a cookery session and flour fight with perennially cackling Tiff leave her all googly? And which one of them utters the line, “I got home and I was just smiling”?

3. Who knew a sleeping bag was a deal breaker?

Breaking news: Mark Francis once knew someone who owns a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag. Would you believe it? He certainly couldn’t. In fact, he couldn’t even contemplate it. “The moment I found out, that friendship was over,” he exclaims. *secretly hides sleeping bag under bed*

4. Hold the phone, Spencer’s STILL a hypocrite

Ok, this isn’t exactly news, but are we the only ones dropping our jaws at the impertinence of the man? Has the memory of steeling Jamie’s girlfriend Louise from under his nose evaporated into the ether? This week Spenny’s still in a rage about his best pal’s courtship of his former girlfriend, Lucy. “I could quite easily have hit the roof but he’s lucked out,” he sneeringly informs Proudlock who nods his top knot in agreement. And by the end of tonight’s episode the puggy one finds even more reason to be on the warpath…

5. This week’s style offenders are…

Last week we were treated to Spencer’s towel shirt and Phoebe’s Burberry ensemble, not to mention that nose ring. This week’s frightful fashion awards go to Proudlock for his dreadful pair of orange spectacles, Cheska’s pink-tipped hair and Andy’s plaid-themed action man tribute (see above). 

Made in Chelsea is on tonight at 10:00pm on E4