Coronation Street spoilers: Tina to make David homeless – first look pictures

A blazing row looks set to terminate David's time at Tina's in a forthcoming episode

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) looks set to continue down a self-destructive path in an upcoming episode when he pushes Tina (Michelle Keegan) too far.


In scenes to be shown on Wednesday 13 November, Tina – who has given David shelter following the ructions in his marriage – accuses him of sponging, only for David to then withdraw money from his and Kylie’s (Paula Lane) joint account.

When Kylie realises that the cash has been taken, she flies into a rage and then goes completely apoplectic when she discovers that David has taken Max to Tina’s flat. As Kylie goes to confront her husband, it seems as though this extra stress will lead Tina to kick David out.

On the topic of the upcoming plot, which will see David made homeless, Jack P Shepherd recently commented to


“I didn’t shave and I grew my hair. Continuity has been a nightmare, but growing a beard is what you do when you’re homeless on a TV drama.”