The Great British Bake Off Masterclass 2013: Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry’s tips and tiffs

Bake Off judges take over the tent to show us how this year’s GBBO tasks should have been done… and they can’t resist a bit of playful banter

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have taken up residence in The Great British Bake Off tent this week, following the crowning of Frances Quinn as this year’s champ.


The duo will be guiding us through the baking tasks they set this year’s batch of contestants. From show-stoppers to technicals, the baking pros are armed with helpful tips, but they can’t help having a few playful tiffs along the way… 

Cheeky Paul accidentally covers Mary in mixture. “Look at it,” says Mary as she no doubt makes a mental note to send him her dry cleaning bill. 

In return Mary batters him with a frying pan… sorry, I mean hits him playfully with a tea towel. 

Mary serves up her very own angel food cake – Paul says, “It’s alright.” Quickly adding, “I’ve been dying to eat this all day.” Phew. 

Hollywood gets huffy as Mary takes her time weighing out his ingredients: “Any time today Mary would be great.” She coolly replies, “I’m careful.” Paul better be careful too…

Frankly, it’s a wonder he doesn’t find himself wearing this. 

He definitely deserves some punishment for this one.

“I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ll still be here to keep an eye on you,” Mary warns. 

By the end of the show, even ‘Bezza’ is laughing at all the innuendos as she tells Paul, “You’re on target and you’re level” as he guides chocolate around a cake. 

The Great British Bake Off Masterclass continues tonight 7:00pm on BBC2