David Bradley, Daleks and the Tardis appear in retro posters for Doctor Who 50th anniversary biopic

"This is my love-letter to Doctor Who," says writer Mark Gatiss of BBC4 drama An Adventure in Space and Time

Mark Gatiss certainly knows how to appeal to our nostalgic side. These delightful new posters for his Doctor Who biopic, An Adventure in Space and Time, take us right back to the 1960s era in which the drama is set. 


Following the genesis of the very first episode of Doctor Who, the one-off piece stars David Bradley as first Doctor William Hartnell with Call the Midwife actress Jessica Raine playing aspiring producer Verity Lambert. 

Sacha Dhawan portrays Waris Hussein, director of the very first episodes of Who, while Brian Cox is Sydney Newman, BBC’s then head of drama who oversaw the early days of production. 

“This is my love-letter to Doctor Who,” explained Space and Time showrunner, Mark Gatiss, in a recent interview. “In this 50th anniversary year, I hope fans will enjoy and be thrilled by it and all the kisses to the past it’s laden with. 

“But my greatest wish is that it appeals to people who know very little or nothing about Doctor Who and see the struggle of talented people (almost) accidentally creating a legend!” 

Elaborating on his decision to filter out certain contributors and concentrate on the four central characters of Hartnell, Newman, Lambert and Hussein, Gatiss said, “I had to focus it down. Simple as that. You simply can’t do everyone justice in 90 minutes. For instance, the story of how Terry Nation and Ray Cusick created the Daleks is almost a film all on its own! Jeff Rawle plays Mervyn Pinfield, who was the Associate Producer, and his character sort of absorbs several others including Donald Wilson and the brilliant David Whitaker – the first script editor – whose contribution was immeasurable.”

Gatiss went on to recall his “extraordinary” experience setting foot on set with Doctor Who’s original era recreated around him. 

“To see the original Tardis recreated genuinely took my breath away and everyone who came to the set had the same reaction. It was frequently quite uncanny. We used some of the original Marconi cameras and, on the black and white monitors, seeing David, Jemma, Jamie and Claudia was like looking back through Time. Spooky and very moving.

Broadcast details of An Adventure in Space and Time are yet to be announced.