Lucy Watson slags off Phoebe Lettice-Thompson and snogs Jamie Laing on Made in Chelsea

Victoria Baker-Harber's Bollywood birthday was the scene of drama as Jamie's two-timing re-ignited Lucy and Phoebe's long-running feud...

Lucy Watson and Phoebe Lettice-Thompson squared off yet again during tonight’s episode of Made in Chelsea. 


The pair – who have enjoyed a long-running feud and were two-timed by a sheepish Jamie Laing this week – came face-to-face during Victoria Baker-Harber’s Bollywood birthday party.

It was Spencer Matthews’ American visitor Stephanie Pratt who accidentally pulled the pair into the same conversation, before exclaiming, “I forgot you guys all hate each other.” Oops. 

She and Louise Thompson swiftly vacated the area to leave room for the two to trade the barbed insults we’ve come to expect. Phoebe called Lucy a “slut”. Lucy told her she was the most unpleasant girl she’d ever met. We particularly enjoyed the parting insults: “Your nose ring looks weird”/”Your dress looks tacky”. We’re with Lucy on this one… 

But Miss Watson wasn’t looking po-faced for long as she was soon paid a visit by Jamie at the bar. After the pair’s feud last series, they’ve been getting increasingly cosy and tonight’s revelation that they had slept together came as no surprise, least of all to Spencer who questioned his best friend’s loyalty (pot? kettle? black?) 

Sulking Lucy spent most of her time denying her feelings for the bleach-haired McVities heir, but we – and Jamie – were having none of it. Brushing his flirtatious date with Phoebe under the carpet, Mr Laing wheeled out the fail-safe charm and enjoyed his second snog of the episode. We’re still not quite sure how he does it… 

But it looks like there’s set to be trouble in paradise during next week’s ep, as Jamie promises to put his “eggs” in Phoebe’s “basket”. Oh dear. When will the ladies of Chelsea ever learn?